Customer value

We set standards in claims management

Our around 180 specialists are among the best in their fields. They efficiently and effectively process claims from all lines of insurance in various languages within a strong local network. We set great store on proximity to the insured persons involved as well as on our specialists’ communicative and social skills.

Full service with added value

We offer enhanced efficiency and an optimal price/performance ratio that lead to a reduction in your costs and loss payments. By converting your fixed costs to variable costs, we help raise your investment security. By outsourcing your entire claims management or parts of it to us, you are left with greater entrepreneurial freedom and able to concentrate fully on your competences. Thanks to our modular range of services, you receive exactly what your company needs, thus ensuring profitable cooperation on a long-term basis.

Local expertise with global coverage

We cover the entire Swiss market and are connected – by language and socially – to all parts of the country. On an international level, we have a network of best-in-class partners, which enables us to solve all claims-related problems for you and your policyholders.

Up-to-date technology

Our tried-and-tested modern IT systems provide you with process and investment security. Our in-house IT experts are able to respond quickly and flexibly to any specific requirements you may have. We have a high level of implementation and interface competence and certified experience in technology-based customer, case, data and digital document management.

Client satisfaction

How satisfied are you overall with the company as a whole?

Overall satisfaction has remained stable in 2020. Clients in each business area were overall either «satisfied» or «very satisfied» with the company.