Fraud indicators used for monitoring benefit payouts

Roughly 10% of benefit payouts are fraudulent. We use special indicators to detect cases of fraud.

According to Swiss and non-Swiss industry organisations, some 10% of benefit payouts are fraudulent. These massive amounts of wrongfully assigned income are prejudicial to society as a whole.

To reduce such occurrences, we screen benefits in payment, using tangible indicators to highlight possible cases of fraud. These indicators are usually those that have already come to light in past fraud cases, enabling them to act as a warning sign here and now.

Financial problems, family-related issues, reckless spending: those of just some of the indicators, which can also be specific to a given situation. Targeted research can then supply the particulars of each case.

If one of our checks raises suspicion of fraud, we propose further investigative measures that will establish the facts and confirm or refute the suspected wrongful conduct. We carry out these measures ourselves, at all times keeping an open mind.

Detect and prove fraud