Positive feedback in case management

The case managers (CM) working for XpertCenter each support over 500 people in returning to the world of work.

The well-being of clients and their satisfaction are pivotal to the process. For quality assurance purposes, all persons who are helped, as well as the employers taking them on, are asked to give feedback after each case has been resolved.

This feedback has been extremely positive. Employers appreciate the fact that they can count on a competent, neutral point of contact. They particularly like it that the CMs act as go-betweens for the employer, the employee and the various social insurance offices, which makes life easier for all involved.

Those benefiting confirmed that case managers lift a burden from their shoulders as well as providing timely support. The empathetic help they provide and the fact that they always have a listening ear were regularly emphasised.

Feedback included sentences such as “The support was like a lifeline,” or “The case manager was highly dedicated, professional and approachable”, showing that case management plays a key role in professional reintegration. Feedback also helps XpertCenter get even better at what it does.