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Successful integration through personal support

Mr P. suffers from a serious illness. That means he is frequently absent from work. The following practical case management example demonstrates that not only was Mr P.’s job kept for him, but he was also sustainably integrated thanks to the involvement of all the parties involved. The case manager played a key role and acted as the central coordination point.  

For many years, Mr P. has suffered from a recurring mental health condition. Previously he had been supported by disability insurance through development and resilience training, as well as through job coaching and with his job search. After a period of unemployment, he started working for his current employer and was again declared unable to work after barely a year and a half, on account of his mental health issues.

As a first step, the case manager conducted an assessment together with Mr P. and discussed the situation with his doctor and psychologist. It emerged that his incapacity was attributable to the same “pattern of events”. Subsequently, the case manager made contact with the employer. She made sure that his job was kept for him and that the employer was supporting this occupational integration process. In a joint dialogue with the clinical professionals and employer, a job trial was planned. Since disability insurance only took over responsibility for occupational integration at that point, the job trial was paid for by the body responsible for daily sickness allowance insurance. Round-table and regular on-site meetings took place. After the success of the job trial, disability insurance got on board with the plan. A job coach providing additional integration assistance at the employer was made available for Mr P. Throughout the process, the case manager acted as the point of contact for the individual involved, the employer, the clinicians, daily sickness allowance insurance and disability insurance. She coordinated the occupational integration and ensured that the information flowed effectively and transparently between everyone involved.

Mr P. was successfully supported with a focus on his long-term integration, and he is currently working in his original position with the same employer. Feedback from both Mr P. and the employer has been highly positive. They greatly appreciated the regular discussions and supportive communications.