Courses are pivotal to success

Training courses are useful in many different ways, enabling participants to delve deeper into subjects and expand their existing knowledge. They also make us better in our everyday work.

They not only expand our skill sets but also boost our self-confidence and motivation on the job. Additionally, training courses offer opportunities to make contacts within the wider business world.

Attending the right training course can therefore bring benefits, especially if you need a refresh or want to learn more within your specialisation.

The Recourse Management Team offers the following courses:

Excel for Beginners (Office 365)

We use practical examples and useful tips to show you how to create and expand lists and tables autonomously and without fuss. You will also learn to use the many tools contained in Excel.

Identifying Right of Recourse

This course will show you how to identify claims with potential right of recourse. We will provide you with the necessary information about the liability regime in Switzerland and use sample claims to show you how the procedure works.

XpertCenter offers further training and individual courses on various topics as part of XpertAcademy. The courses are aimed at vehicle experts and people who work in case management or workplace health management. We are also happy to help you with training on the topic of fraud management. For registration or further information, please visit our website.

We look forward to hearing from you.