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Funding obtained after all thanks to careful scrutiny

It’s astonishing how often property owners miss out on applying for funding for energy-saving measures. Once the hammer drill has been taken out and the skip is standing in front of the house, it is too late to submit an application. XpertCenter helps you to find the best renovation option and apply for cantonal funding.

The energy-oriented modernisation of properties continues to remain a key issue. An enhanced building shell enables much energy to be saved and considerably more efficient use to be made of the new heating system.

It was discovered during many inspections that XpertCenter carried out with the “XpertHome” service that owners often receive insufficient information about cantonal funding programmes. An application for funding must always be submitted before the start of construction. GEAK Plus certification (cantonal building energy certificate) is frequently also mandatory here in order to demonstrate to the authority the efficiency gain. Both the issue of GEAK Plus certification and post-processing are time-consuming. For post-processing the best renovation option has to be selected according to the calculations presented. Only then can funding be applied for.

In the event of a clear increase in energy efficiency the owner can obtain between CHF 15,000 and CHF 25,000 in funding from the canton (example for single-family dwellings).

The building shell and overall efficiency are assessed. In its current condition the property has F/E efficiency, after renovation C/B efficiency. An improvement of three efficiency classes.

We were contacted a few weeks ago to issue an energy certificate for a planning application. The building with two apartments is to be converted internally and insulated externally. The owner was informed by the developer that the measures on the façades might qualify for cantonal funding. To be absolutely sure of this, GEAK Plus certification needed to be issued. The order was placed with us and the developer’s decision to obtain GEAK Plus certification was absolutely right. According to the calculation, the measures on the façade are sufficient to improve the efficiency by three classes. Based on the area of this property, this equates to funding of CHF 26,510 on the construction measures.

Without this tip at an early stage, the planning application would have been submitted, the construction work would soon after have begun and the opportunity to submit an application would have been missed.