Vehicle expertise from the office

Inspecting and assessing damage, discussing the right type of repair and drawing up the repair calculation for the repairer is the main task of our vehicle experts. But did you know that we not only have experts who travel from one place to the next every day to inspect the damage caused to vehicles but also those who pursue their specialist activity from the back office?

Claims that do not necessarily have to be inspected on site can be dealt with by our experts in the back office. These particularly include cases of collision and parking damage.

In cooperation with the vehicle owner or repair workshop, photos are made of the vehicle and the damage can be discussed via video call. This also includes discussing the further procedure and the type of repair or further utilisation of the vehicle. The experts then calculate the damage with the help of various tools. The photos and the calculation are forwarded to the insurance company, which can then grant approval for the repair to take place.

Subsequently, when the repairer’s invoice arrives, the insurance company can commission the expert to check the invoice if it deviates from the cost estimate or calculation. Back office contacts the repair workshop in this case to discuss any differences and review transparency.

The experts, insurance company, vehicle owner and repair workshop maintain constant dialogue with one another. The efficient and modern case handling of the vehicle experts in the back office can reduce the processing time of a claim by up to 24 hours.