Internal training – Action – Knowledge – Passion

Following a two-year interlude due to COVID-19, we were once again able to hold our 2½-day internal training workshop.

We spent the second course day at the DTC (Dynamic Test Center) in Vauffelin. This interesting and informative day was shaped by the expertise of Mr Heinz Reber, Head of Accident Analysis, and his staff.

We learnt in the theory part how during an accident reconstruction the circumstances of an accident are analysed and an attempt is made to clarify them in order to determine what caused the accident.
This enables a precise report to be drawn up. The amazing thing is how much information the vehicles store independently. However, not every vehicle manufacturer allows these data to be retrieved. To enable the accident analyst to obtain certain data, the public prosecutor has to request the release of the data from the vehicle manufacturer.

Among other things in the theory block on the prevention of insurance fraud, we gained an insight into how fraudsters these days attempt to assert non-justified or excessive claims and lead insurance companies astray. Such damage reports and reconstructions are an important component for uncovering such cases. The interesting presentations were rounded off with examples and videos.

This was followed by the practical part. Genuine vehicles were used to simulate various accident scenarios leading to parking damage on a one-to-one basis. For example, these include turning into a space too early and brushing against a pillar (e.g. in a multi-storey car park) or turning out of a space too early and touching the adjacent vehicle. We could see how much power is needed and what damage arises.
We were given the opportunity to cause parking damage (door knocks) ourselves and saw that there are very many ways of doing so.
It is not always possible to establish merely on the basis of pictures of damage without having witnessed the incident whether we are looking at so-called parking damage or some other kind of damage.

A live crash of two cars (without occupants) and an airbag ignition rounded the day off.

The DTC is definitely the right address for anyone looking for an exciting day packed with knowledge and action.