Fraud management

Detect and prove fraud

Our specialists are claim inspectors from all the insurance sectors, investigators experienced in fraud management, law specialists and analysts pushing automated fraud suspicion detection. We would gladly clarify what we could offer you in a personal appointment.

For private and social insurance, pension funds and social services

Fraud management advisory

  • We help to durably position the theme

Process implementation support

  • We create a tailored concept
  • We give support to setup the process

Training and awareness in fraud management

  • We give awareness to your employees about fraud
  • We show the possibilities to reduce the amount the loss payments
  • We give your employees the keys to identify suspicions independently
  • We work with examples from the practise
  • We deal with specific topics on requests

Pending claims screening

  • We check out cases with fraud indicators in mind

Entire management of cases with fraud suspicion

  • We analyze and assess the case background
  • We engage in the appropriate investigations
  • We elaborate a solution offer
  • We implement the mutually agreed measures
  • We give counsel in legal disputes

Telephone support and coaching

Benefit and case reporting

For SMEs and larger companies

Advisory for internal fraud suspicions

  • We give you support if you suspect a fraudulent behaviour
  • We counsel in the appropriate investigative measures to adopt
  • We respect the rights of all parties

For legal protections and law firms

Establishment of facts

Investigations and provision of proof

For foreign insurers

Fraud management in Switzerland

  • We give support to fraud management measures in Switzerland

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