Case Management

Reintegrating ill or injured individuals

Our interdisciplinary Case Management team provides local and personal support, thereby facilitating the swift and best possible recovery and reintegration of ill or injured employees in complex medical, professional and social situations.

Your contact

Simone Cerutti
Head of Case Management

+41 31 389 97 28

Film explaining Case Management


Support in the introduction of Case Management processes, including awareness raising and Case Management training
We help you to position Case Management in your organisation in a sustainable manner and raise your staff’s awareness of the topic.
  • Support in the selection and classification of possible triage criteria
  • Definition of interfaces
We train your staff, enabling them to identify potential cases requiring Case Management.
Conducting Case Management
  • We get in touch with the person affected as early as possible and support personal contact on site.
  • We carry out a thorough assessment of the situation of the person concerned.
  • We jointly plan and implement further steps.
  • We continuously review the progress made and inform you about the results.
  • We maintain regular contact and coordinate with all parties involved (employer, physicians, insurers, family, therapists, lawyers, advisory institutions, etc.).
  • We provide experienced, locally based case managers with a wide range of job profiles and a network of professional partners.
  • We ensure compliance with the legal provisions regarding data protection.
Benefit and case controlling
We provide you with benefit and/or case reports on a regular basis.