Claims settlement from A to Z

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We offer top-quality claims handling both at office and field service level. Our competences include all claims handling steps in life and non-life insurance, including ascertainment of the facts, active process management, calculation and settlement of indemnities or benefits due. When required, the involvement of specialists from the different business units of XpertCenter is coordinated to achieve the best solution.

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Claims Settlement from A to Z

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Complete outsourcing
The complete case-handling process will be carried out by us
We check coverage, liability and possibilities for recourse
  • Field inspection
  • Involvement of provider companies such as repair and restoration specialists, building physicists, lawyers, etc.
  • Coordination of all insurance companies involved
  • Organisation of alternative solutions (warehouse space for companies, accommodation for individuals, etc.)
  • Expertise in motor vehicles
We calculate the reserves individually for each case
  • Obtainment of official documents
  • Obtainment of witness statements
  • Identification of possible insurance fraud
  • Evaluating the correct indemnity
  • Negotiations with all involved parties
  • Visiting patients in cases of injury, especially on behalf of life insurers
  • Preparation of final report
  • Rejection of unjustified claims, settlement of justified claims
  • Taking recourse
  • Information for client – reporting according to requirements
Outsourcing of individual service modules
  • Field inspection of loss or damage
  • Calculation of damage
  • Reporting
  • Claims handling, including
  • Assessment of cover and liability
  • Calculation of the correct indemnity
  • You select the required scope of service
  • You decide in what lines of insurance you need our support
Regional/linguistic services – we also support you in specific regions or languages

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