Independent purchase advice when buying a second-hand car

The purchase of a second-hand car is often marked by uncertainty due to a lack of expert knowledge. This needn’t be the case. Our vehicle specialists at XpertCenter – a company belonging to Mobilière Group – will thoroughly check any car you have cast an eye on with a checklist comprising 170 items, and will then produce a detailed report on the vehicle’s current state. This gives you an extremely solid foundation on which you can base your decision.

Your contact


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This is how it works

Four steps to a second-hand car checked by specialists

1 – Find your dream car, for example on AutoScout24

2 – Contact us and arrange a date and time

3 – We accompany you on a test drive or give you a price recommendation by phone

4 – You receive a check report and a customised price recommendation

Your advantages

Independent assessment

  • Examination by an XpertCenter mechatronics technician
  • Customised check report based on a comprehensive checklist
  • In-depth experience from over 100,000 expertises a year.

No surprises

  • The majority of all second-hand cars have defects
  • Follow-up costs can be avoided
  • Roadworthiness is assured

Fair purchase price

  • Calculation of market price and present value
  • Known defects taken into account
  • Purchase price recommendation
Our specialists

Our specialists are located in all regions of Switzerland. Based on the collective experience of over 100,000 expertises a year, our specialists can bring their knowledge to bear for your benefit, too, and support you in the choice and purchase of a second-hand car.

Our service package

Purchase advice Basic

Advice by phone

Professional assessment of offers

Independent price appraisal

CHF 49.00

Purchase service Premium

On-site services

Joint test drive

Visual vehicle check

Document check

Check report

CHF 149.00 *

* upon conclusion of a Mobilière vehicle insurance. This applies for new and existing customers.
Purchase service Premium without insurance conclusion: CHF 295.00.

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