Recourse management

We retrieve what is yours

Our core competences are examining, enforcing and fending off claims for recourse. With our experienced team of recourse experts, we have the requisite specialist knowledge for every line of insurance. Whether legal, insurance or construction-related questions are involved, we can provide you with the appropriate answers.

Recourse cases are often a matter of negotiation. Fortunately, our specialists are part of a network that has been built up and continuously optimised over many years so that we are often acquainted with other parties’ negotiators and ideally placed to achieve successful agreements.

Your contact

Christoph Rutschi
Head of Recourse Management

+41 31 389 60 65


Consulting services for your recourse management
We help you position the identification of potential recourses in your organisation in a sustainable manner.
Based on your recourse indicators, we conduct an analysis of the potential.
Support in the introduction of recourse processes, including awareness raising and recourse training seminars
  • Recourse procedures and interfaces
  • Recourse instruments (checklists, etc.)
We support you in the implementation of recourse procedures.
Complete recourse management
  • We assess your closed and pending cases in terms of recourse potential.
  • Based on the results, we recommend priorities to be focused on.
  • We conduct a pre-examination of pending cases for recourse potential.
  • We enable you to identify potential recourse cases.

We introduce measures to maximise the benefits of recourses (active recourses):

  • Indication of recourse cases and protection against statutory limitation
  • Compilation of relevant arguments
  • Securing of evidence, including the commissioning of reports from specialists
  • Conducting of recourse negotiations
  • Collection of your recourse benefits

We protect you against unjustified claims for recourse (passive recourses):

  • Analysis of the facts of the case
  • Compilation of relevant arguments
  • Communication of our conclusions to the counterparty
  • Conducting of recourse negotiations
  • Reporting of negotiation results and, in the case of justified claims, request for payment.
  • We support you by phone in the identification of recourse cases.
  • We assist you over the phone with all related services.
  • We provide you with benefit and/or case reports on a regular basis.
  • You receive an overview of our services and costs.

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