Recourse management

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Recourse cases are often a matter of negotiation. Fortunately, our specialists are part of a network that has been built up and continuously optimised over many years so that we are acquainted with other parties’ negotiators. These are the best prerequisites for successful agreements.

Our core competences are examining, enforcing and fending off claims for recourse. Our recourse team of proven specialists has a great deal in all insurance segments. This expertise is also available to you.

Your advantages of recourse management (in French)

We advise you with regard to your recourse management

Positioning the topic of recourse recognition

Conduction an analysis of potential

Introduction of the recourse processes

We support you with the following:

  • Creation of your recourse concept
  • Implementation of the recourse process
  • Recourse training events for your employees

Comprehensive recourse management

Analysis of current situation

  • Identification of recourse potential
  • Recommendation on which focal points to prioritise

Examination of cases for recourse potential

Execution or fending off claims for recourse

Telephone support

Creation of a benefit and case reporting

Your advantages


Deepened know-how

We have in-depth know-how and many years of experience in motor vehicle, property and personal injury claims.

Great negotiating mass

As we negotiate active and passive recourses, we have a good negotiating position.

Chairmanship of committees

We are very well networked and participate in committees of the Swiss Insurance Association.

Interesting pricing models

If desired, you only pay if we successfully defend or enforce claims.

Helpful tools

In complex claims, we have necessary tools (e.g. Leonardo) at our disposal.

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