Storm damage and hailstorms 2023

This summer, Switzerland was again hit by massive storms. The severe storm in La Chaux-de-Fonds, hailstorms in Basel, Valais, Jura and finally the heaviest ever hailstorm in Ticino.

Of the reported vehicle damage from the storm in Ticino, about 70% of the cases are assumed to be total losses. There is a large number of dented hoods and roofs, smashed front and rear windows, and defective headlights and rear-view mirrors.

With such a mass of damaged vehicles, most of which are no longer drivable, it is almost impossible for our vehicle experts to handle the situation in Ticino. In order to nevertheless guarantee customers the fastest possible handling of their claim, some of these vehicles are transported to Studen in Berne.

Every day, several cars are picked up by a transporter. In Studen, they are parked at the collection point and examined by the experts. License plates and personal belongings of the owners, which are still in the vehicle, are packed and sent to the customers or can also be collected directly on site.

Our vehicle experts continue to work tirelessly every day to process the storm and hail damage as quickly as possible, in addition to all other expertise that is required. Various hail drive-ins take place, as well as visits to garages where vehicles that are not too badly affected are repaired.

Many of the vehicles no longer have a rear window. These were smashed by the large hailstones.
Most of the vehicles delivered to Studen BE have massive hailstorms all around. Many of them also have impacts in the windshield.

An extreme case. The windshield was completely smashed.
On this vehicle, the hail knocked off part of the rearview mirror.