Workplace health management

We support you in your commitment for healthy and happy employees

Motivated, high-performing, healthy employees and managers are key drivers of your business success. Our specialists advise and assist you in matters of workplace health management, tailored to your specific needs. Working with you, they put together practical solutions to promote well-being and build healthy habits in your company. We would be delighted to talk personally with you about how we can support you.

Our services

Advisory service

Initial consultation

  • Free initial consultation
  • Debrief on and fact-finding conversation about workplace health management in your company
  • Clarification of workplace health management issues

Workplace health management (WHM) check

  • Situation analysis
  • Discover where your organization stands in terms of WHM

Absence management

Workshop on absence management

  • Workshop with managers and HR
  • Designing an effective process

Training for managers

  • Early recognition of warning signs
  • Deepening of the absence management process
  • Leading discussions on absence and health
  • Practical training

Staff training

Deepening on the conduct of interviews by team leaders

Mental Health

Mental health workshops

  • Training and workshops on mental health
  • Online or on site
  • Duration: one hour – one day, depending on requirements
  • Subject matter according to your needs



Burnout prevention

Dealing with strain and stress

Healthy leadership


Remote collaboration

Communi­cation and feedback


Health club

  • Giving your employees a say
  • Participatory method comprising several sessions
  • Pooling of resources and constraints
  • Prioritisation: What are the main spheres of action?
  • Determining specific measures


  • Short health panels
  • Only a single meeting
  • Focus on 2-3 subjects

Friendly Work Space Job Stress Analysis

  • Online survey for employees
  • Results on well-being, resources and constraints
  • We support you through the whole process

Workplace health management leaflets

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This is how workplace health management works

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