Training of new vehicle experts

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Benjamin Franklin

The XpertAcademy offers the vehicle expert training course that provides the basics for the effective deployment of vehicle experts in the Swiss insurance sector.

Admittance to this course presupposes an employment relationship with an insurance company or a VFFS office.

The modules comprise both the basics and sub-areas of information under contract law pertaining to claims settlement, the valuation guidelines of the Swiss Association of Self-Employed Vehicle Experts (SEVE), the calculation of vehicle damage and a diverse range of special topics falling within the vehicle expert’s area of deployment.

The training programme is compiled individually according to the needs of the participants.

A brief insight into the two-day course for commercial vehicles can be found below. Topics such as replacement value, cost estimate value, insured sum and present value for commercial vehicles between 3.5 tonnes and 40 tonnes form part of the training. Other course topics for commercial vehicles include areas such as interior fittings, attachments and structures, different purposes of use, labelling and the associated service life.

The course leader directly fosters a varied and enjoyable course day by creating a fun learning experience with training and diverse practical examples from everyday life and offers substantial added value.

By vehicle experts for vehicle experts.  

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