Improve your prospects through additional training

Our expert tutors are highly experienced at delivering professional training and development. Their practical focus and ability to tailor specialist subjects to the particular requirements of the insurance sector will help you increase your knowledge and enhance your skills.

XpertAcademy offers training in the following fields:
General claims settlement, motor vehicles, engine-powered vehicles and boats, insurance fraud, recourse management, case management and occupational health management.

Benefits of our courses

Online with your PC – theory in the classroom – practice with the subject

  • Decentralised (West – Central – East)
  • On your premises
  • Three languages offered (DE – FR – IT)

Practical learning from selected specialist topics

Transferring what has been learned into everyday working life

Follow-up for quality assurance

Minimal outlay thanks to digital course admin­is­tration

Tailor-made courses for every requirement

We create courses tailored to various specifications, topics and needs.

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