Keeping the balance in all spheres of life

The world of work is evolving at lightning speed! Hybrid working and New Work are just two of the concepts that have come to the fore. Keeping the various parts of our lives in balance has become important. The key idea here is ‘boundary management’.

The frontiers between our work lives and our personal lives are becoming increasingly blurred. This can affect our personal well-being and even our health. It is therefore vital to find the right fit for all spheres of life.

Boundary management

Boundary management means setting the boundaries between work and personal lives that make sense for you. They must be constantly reviewed to see whether new ones are required or changes are needed. And they need constant maintenance.

Every single person has their own preferences about dividing up their time, with some keeping their work and personal lives strictly separate while others blend the two. Others still will apply the one that gels best with current circumstances.

Boundaries can also vary in strength and permeability. If they are violated, the consequences for us may be harmful.

Recipe for coherent boundaries

Companies can support and encourage employees in finding the best way possible for managing boundaries in line with their preferences. What is needed is a proactive attitude towards the subject and a willingness to talk. Each person should then formulate their expectations. Finally a policy should be established.

Here are three succinct tips that may help you manage your own boundaries:

  1. Cultivate rituals. Rituals can be a helping hand for our everyday lives. Why not give it a try? Set your alarm clock for when your working day is supposed to begin. Or draw up a to-do list for the following day at the end of each working day. Or set up a thought repository in which you can write down any thoughts that come to you straight away. Find out what suits you and practice that ritual every day for three weeks so it becomes a positive habit.
  2. Take your own state of mind and needs seriously. Think about questions like: Around which areas of my life do I particularly need to set boundaries? In which ways can I benefit if I blend different spheres more often? What does me good? How can I come back into balance and find calm? What strengthens me as a person? Answering these questions can help align your inner compass.
  3. Discuss and communicate your limits. Whether you’re a dedicated boundary fixer, blend your spheres of life or you mix and match the two styles, it matters not: no one type of boundary is better than another. Often, choice of boundary will come down to our individual preferences. Communicate and discuss these in your team. Constructive dialogue can promote an understanding of other people’s behaviour.

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