The back office – the hub of the Motor Business department

The Motor Business department consists of several back office and sales teams. While the experts are active throughout Switzerland, the back office works in Berne or from home. Collaboration takes place across departments and with a diverse range of clients, customers, vehicle owners and garages.

The back office forms the hub between all these parties. The small team works at the office premises of MobilCity in Berne and links buyers with garages, vehicle owners with vehicle experts, internal departments with clients and lots more besides.

Taking care of all requirements can sometimes also lead to challenges as each party has different interests. A solution that works for everyone can always be found in the back office.

Its main tasks include the administrative processing of sales of all kinds of totally damaged vehicles. These include cars, motorcycles, bicycles, agricultural vehicles, lorries, boats and special vehicles.

Such vehicles are advertised for sale in accordance with the client’s wishes. The vehicle owner then agrees to hand over the vehicle and the buyer is notified by us of this and can collect the vehicle. Should questions arise during this process, we are available to offer advice and support to all parties by e-mail and telephone.

The cancellation of vehicle registration documents is also carried out by the back office. In addition, further tasks such as processing complaints and reimbursements, issuing export documents for sales abroad, issuing and processing invoices and payment reminders, contacting authorities and various HR administration tasks are also taken care of by the back office.

To this end we always maintain close contact with all parties concerned. The range of duties is very wide-ranging and calls for a high degree of flexibility.

No day at the back office is like the previous one and day-to-day work is therefore varied, diverse and challenging.

Two vehicles with total damage