Apprentices: the protective factors for their occupational health

The increase in anxiety and depressive disorders among young people is a prevalent issue in the media and the risk factors are frequently discussed. So have we also been addressing the protective factors? Particularly at work, how can we guarantee a professional environment that promotes the health of young people?

The vulnerability of young people to work-related stress

According to Promotion Santé Suisse (Swiss Health Promotion), the greatest stress at work is perceived by the 16 to 24-year-old age group, as young people encounter more pressures than resources in their career. The stress results from this disparity between pressures encountered (complexity of task, workload, conflicts etc.) and resources available to tackle them (experience, social support, self-confidence etc.)

Why is it particularly important to pay attention to the health of young people at work?

Their lack of professional experience puts them more at risk of neglecting their health and safety at their place of work. For this reason it is important to engage them in learning about protective factors. Mental and social health must also be taken into account. Creating a caring working environment facilitating psychological security, that is, one in which apprentices feel confident about raising questions and voicing their concerns, is a protective factor for mental health. Placing importance on mental, social and physical health at the workplace enables the apprenticeship and consequently also performance to be enhanced.

What are the protective factors at work?

Find out what our apprentices think of this topic in the video (in German / French)!

How do we as employer support you in safeguarding the health of apprentices?

The occupational health management team offers several services to support you in protecting the occupational health of young people:

  • Training of trainers within the company on their role regarding the occupational health of apprentices
  • Training for apprentices on stress management and developing their resilience
  • Health group for apprentices: action plan workshops on occupational health issues to be improved

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more. We would be pleased to support you in managing your occupational health.