Personal headaches are no problem for XpertHome

From condition surveys and value preservation plans to building energy certificates, XpertHome offers standardised written reports to help assess construction or energy issues efficiently. Sometimes, however, a different approach is required…

In June 2023, an enquiry from the Liiva platform landed in our inbox to inform us that Mr Spätig*, who owns a house on the north-eastern shore of Lake Zurich, wanted a condition survey of his property. Liiva, the digital management tool for residential property owners in Switzerland, provides practical tools and expert tips on everything to do with the home. As well as having various other functions and services at their fingertips, Liiva users can also request personalised advice about the condition of their property. Liiva works with XpertHome’s network to connect homeowners with the right people.

We put Mr Spätig in touch with one of our local building specialists to conduct a condition survey of the entire property. However, an individual consultation soon revealed several specific pinch points. Mr Spätig needed help repairing a damp basement wall, a garage pillar with spalling concrete, and a window that did not close properly and, in any case, was no longer sufficiently airtight.

Needless to say, our project supervisor acted in the customer’s best interests. Instead of carrying out a general condition survey, he played a vital role in arranging for the right experts to address Mr Spätig’s specific issues. The various repairs are currently either underway or still being arranged. We only offer the services of our project supervisors where necessary and at the request of homeowners. Mr Spätig was relieved to discover this option and told us that the advice he received was exactly as he had imagined. He will continue using the Liiva platform to monitor and manage his property.